Q: Other Doctors told me I need to wear braces for 1-2 years, how can Dr. Klein straighten my teeth in only 6 months?

A: We use the latest technology along with proven orthodontic techniques that enable us to move your teeth efficiently and quickly.

Q: How often do I need to see Dr. Klein?

A: Typically, every 4 weeks

Q: Are 6 Month Braces more painful than regular braces?

A: No, we use light forces to move teeth comfortably, not high forces that can cause pain

Q: I'm not crazy about having a "metal mouth" for 6 months, are there any alternatives?

A: Yes, in fact most of our patients choose "tooth colored braces" which are hardly noticeable on your teeth

Q: Can 6 month braces damage my teeth?

A: No, since we use very light forces over a short treatment time there is no tooth or root damage caused by this techniqe.

Q: Do I need to wear a retainer after treatment?

A: Yes, any orthodontic procedure requires the use of a retainer. Think of it as an "insurance policy" to prevent movement of teeth after braces are removed. If you do not want to wear a removeable retainer, Dr. Klein can "splint" the backs of your teeth together to keep your teeth stable.

Q: What about the cost of 6 Month Braces, compared to regular braces?

A: Actually, 6 Month Braces are less expensive than regular braces. Regular braces can cost over $5000 whereas 6 Month Braces is significantly less costly, Our fee includes removeable retainers at no extra charge.

Q: Do you have any payment plans for the 6 Month Braces?

A: Yes, we have a variety of payment options to make this treatment affordable for you. Also, we accept insurance payments towards this treatment.

Q: What other services do you provide?

A: We perform all areas of dentistry with a special emphasis on 6 month braces. We can help you with your other dental needs as well.

Q: What is my next step?

A: Just call us at 954-748 4860 and ask for your Free, 6 Month Braces Consultation

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